Regular Meeting Minutes Aug. 31, 2017

Introductions of Guests:

  • Communitas Primary Care Services–Amanda Roussel
  • Keeping it Clean-Tammy Ray
  • 225 Trade-Joey Dupont
  • Kelly works with Amy at Express Employment. She will be starting on Outside Sales

Website Issue: when you click on Members Only page there is no where to log in submissions. You must click on the the drop downs for “Member Page” tab. I will see if there is a better solution to adding something on this page. You do not log in at the bottom of the website.

Open House discussions:

  • Members mentioned the need for: divorce attorney, runner, florists, commercial realtor, uber, videographer, business broker

Byron Bordelon with DEXCOMM talked about one-on-one meetings.

  • Veterans of the group should take initiative and go to the new members and be pro-active to schedule meetings
  • Use your “Sphere of Influence” work with other members who have common consumers
  • “Be interested not interesting.” Be interested in what others have to say rather than sell yourself.
  • Questions you might want discuss or ask: business history, business information, person’s business goals

Amy Velez with Express Employment Services did a presentation on Generations in the Workforce. She also handed out a flyer with information regarding types of services offered.

Good referrals for her are qualified individuals looking for work or businesses needing staff.

Testimony from Shawn Nolan of Capital City Payroll.


Meeting Closed


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