Minutes of Regular Meeting

Minutes of Regular Meeting

Meeting was called to order by Gray Bailey.

Welcome to BAA. Ascension parish’s elete referral and networking group. This is our mission statement. We are a sales team.

2 guests were present

Open House was discussed by Michelle Knobloch. She is accepting member items for the goody bags to be given to the guests. We will have a closed meeting Sept 21st . This means no guests. We will go over the plans for the open house at that meeting.

No meeting next week and in place of this meeting we will have an After Hours hosted by Amy Velez with Express Employment services.

Ed Prejean introduced an educational moment in which over the course of about 10 weeks we will work on developing and redefining our individual business plans. He will be using the SBA.gov business plan template. Everyone was excited by this. Shawn Nolan indicated that this is one of the reasons he enjoys this group. It is always working to better us as individuals and as members. Michelle Knobloch said that she reviews her business plan with her business team and she has a video to share with us. Ed suggested that we open this educational segment with her video.

Members introduced themselves.

Byron Bordelon of DEXCOMM was our guest presenter. He works for DEXCOMM which is an answering service. While he indicated some key industries that are great clients: health services, home services, attorney, fundraisers, etc. he explained that regardless of the business, his employees go through extensive training and education to accommodate each businesses’ needs. To learn more about Byron and his business, give him a call at 225-936-6393.


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