Minutes for June 15, 2017

  1. Meeting was called to order by Randy Crawford, President, Owner of Crawford Photography.
  2. Introductions to Guest: Lindsey Robinson with Whitney Bank brought Vanessa Gautreau who is their Loan Officer.
  3. Edward Lynch, our newest member, introduced himself.
  4. Special thanks were given for the Family Day event.
  5. Group Exercise: Each attendee introduced the person to the right of them.
  6. Guest Speaker: Jamie Smith, with Spine & Neck Specialties.
  7. Announcements: We will have a presentation on the ABC’s of BAA which will be lead by Sherri Cambre. We as members need to be looking for business for other members. We are a sales team for all members.
  8. Kudos/Referral Recognitions
  9. Derek Goodman has resigned
  10. Caroll is in the process of opening new business
  11. Open House scheduled for September 21st.
  12. Pam Grettner has moved companies. She is now with Legacy Title.
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