What’s the Scoop on Becoming a Member?

All of our members go through an application process. This process is a short process, but it is used to “qualify” the applicant before the application can be sent to the general membership for approval.

The “qualifying” process is a process in which our Membership Committee determines if:

  1. There is an “exclusive” seat available for the applicant. This means that there is no conflict between  the applicant and any current members with regards to products and services offered;
  2. This applicant and/or his/her company is reputable and known for quality products, services and customer service.

The applicant is then invited to attend one of our general meetings if they have not been personally invited already. During the meeting, applicant is  introduced so the general membership can learn a little bit about the applicant.

If the applicant is interested in joining, they will notify either their sponsor or a member of the Membership Committee of their interest to join. Someone from the membership committee then conducts a small interview which will include going over application and ByLaws to ensure that the applicant is still eligible for membership.

Once approved by the Board of Executives, the application then goes to General membership for vote and the applicant is notified immediately of the results. Upon acceptance, applicant is expected to attend the next regularly scheduled meeting and have paid all membership fees by that time.

Things You May Want to Know

  1. One seat is available per industry/business category.
  2. Members hold the seat, not the business.
  3. We do not accept multiple employees to hold various seats from a single business. (Ex: Cox Communications has two members: Jane Doe holding the HR seat and John Smith holding the Commercial Sales seat–this just does not happen.)
  4. There is a $50 one-time application fee and a $125 annual membership fee. These fees are due with your application. Funds are held until your application is approved. Funds will be refunded if your membership is not accepted.
  5. There is a $130 quarterly fee that is due in addition to annual membership fees. This fee covers your lunch and secures the meeting location. This is not optional. If you prefer not to eat, you can ask for a to-go plate.
  6. Meetings occur weekly with the exception of the 2nd Thursday of the month and holidays.
  7. Monthly After Hours are held and can be used to “make up” any absences.
  8. Attendance is crucial. Each member is allowed 12 absences within a year and substitutions are allowed on a limited basis.
  9. Members are required to use our RACOB (Referral and Close of Business) Tracking system which is supported by our website as a means to monitor the productivity of the group.

If none of this scares you away, we would love you to come have lunch with us and see who’s available for business.