Businesses Featured in Ascension Parish

Businesses Featured in Ascension Parish

Network Members Featured as a Who's Who in Ascension

Several local business professionals are recognized and featured in the Ascension 2018 Who’s Who magazine. This magazine highlighted professionals in Ascension and shared how they work to give back to  the community. The features who are part of our Preferred Business Network include:

  • Ryan & Andrea Blanchard, owners of Kajun Martial Arts and
  • Byron Bordelon of AnSer
  • Jamie Smith, owner of Spine & Sports Specialties
  • Heather Lequette, owner of Succentrix Business Advisors
  • Michael Bonfanti, Certified Financial Planner and owner of Bonfanti Investment Services
  • Dr. Gray Bailey, owner of Absolute Quality Care Family Dentistry
  • Victor Bourque, Jr., owner of VBGrafx

These are the types of businesses you want to doing business for you.  For more information about each of these businesses, you can either find them under Find a Business or read the magazine.

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