About Us

We Are Business Associates of Ascension!

Like-minded business owners and professionals collaborating efforts to build stronger more successful business opportunities. By combining our knowledge, skills and resources, we are able to create a strong network and support system for our members.

Founded in 2007, by like-minded business owners in Ascension, Business Associates of Ascension was formed as a professional referral group. The purpose of the organization was to create an environment which allowed business professionals to come together on a weekly basis to generate new business relationships and work together to produce a strong network basis for referrals.

Today continuing with our original efforts, we work hard to promote our members both within and outside of our organization.

Only The Best Will Do

Our members are the building blocks of our organization, we only want the best. The most qualified professionals representing reputable companies within our local community is what you will find in our membership.  Because we are an “exclusive” organization, we surround ourselves with professionals who can prove their value as members.  With our unique RACOB tracking system, we are able to effectively build and drive our members to be the best sales force team.

A Business Resource You’ll Want to Use

Since we only accept companies with qualified records, our business directory becomes the perfect resource tool for consumers seeking products and services from local businesses. We’ve created a business directory as a resource tool for consumers and businesses alike. People can search our directory to find products and or services that meet their needs. Remember, we are an “exclusive” group so will only accept businesses that we are willing to do business with and refer to others.